Cup of Soup, Volume 2

This month's topic was a true struggle for me. I absolutely love fall and all of the changes it brings. Halloween has always had a special place in my heart. So I considered writing about the masks that we wear and why sometimes it's hard to be our real selves. But I quickly realized that  my heart wasn't going to be able to do that subject much justice. Why? Here's where I really had to sit down with myself and examine some of my current attitudes and feelings. November is the month of thanksgiving and gratitude, but my life has been plagued with chaos and turmoil. We are only a few days in and already I've had to move my office, readjust my finances, attend a funeral, and help a friend through a terrible ordeal. I was feeling extremely overwhelmed and not at all grateful.  I started wondering if I was the only one feeling these things. Many of my colleagues, coworkers, and clients confirmed that they were feeling this way too. 

What are we supposed to do with these feelings? Especially if we are ALL feeling the same. Couple that with the current politically hostile environment. It's no wonder I can't find things to be grateful for. But things in my life always have a way of righting themselves.  I had the opportunity to have lunch with a beautiful soul the other day. She is a wise woman. She carries centuries of love and history within herself. Her body is very frail now and it won't be long until her journey here is complete. We shared a few laughs and even some tears. At the end of our meal she smiled at the waitress and said  " I really appreciate that you are here today THANK YOU" . It struck me as odd....she had a chance to regal this young girl with brilliant words of wisdom and deep learned truths....but instead she chose to just simply appreciate her. I realized in that moment that I've been wasting so much time trying to find things to be grateful for instead of JUST SIMPLY APPRECIATING! 

So, as I close out this edition ..I just want you to take a minute and breathe and then say those words. You can fill in the blank with whatever fits for you...I SIMPLY APPRECIATE _____________.

Embrace the changes that this season brings. For this week try and take some time to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or hot cider! 

I appreciate you!

Live, love, and laughter and enjoy today's soup du jour!



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