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Cup of Soup, Volume 2

This month's topic was a true struggle for me. I absolutely love fall and all of the changes it brings. Halloween has always had a special place in my heart. So I considered writing about the masks that we wear and why sometimes it's hard to be our real selves. But I quickly realized that  my heart wasn't going to be able to do that subject much justice. Why? Here's where I really had to sit down with myself and examine some of my current attitudes and feelings. November is the month of thanksgiving and gratitude, but my life has been plagued with chaos and turmoil. We are only a few days in and already I've had to move my office, readjust my finances, attend a funeral, and help a friend through a terrible ordeal. I was feeling extremely overwhelmed and not at all grateful.  I started wondering if I was the only one feeling these things. Many of my colleagues, coworkers, and clients confirmed that they were feeling this way too. 

What are we supposed to do with the…

Cup of Soup

I have decided to return to writing my column after a long sabbatical. I originally started this venture with the intent to share my small tidbits of wisdom and insight on everyday things based on conversations I was privy to over the lunch hour.
The intent remains the same but I have broadened my scope to include all conversations I've had with others, including my mentors, those I am mentoring, sages, crones, children, people from all walks of life,  business owners, like-minded souls, and those who disagree, but whose opinions I still greatly respect. And some conversations even with myself.
I feel like we can draw from our collective experiences and apply what we are learning to various phases in our lives. The timing of my journalistic return it is not a coincidence. 
Over the course of this past summer, I had the amazing privilege to marry nine couples!  2018 was "The Summer of Love" and here are some of the special words I shared at the altar from various cere…

Sharing our Insight

We are making some small changes online to reflect issues that are important to people and how they deal with real life.  In the coming months we will share with you some real life issues and how to deal with them in a proactive way.  ​ We invite you to write for us as well and share your experiences so others know that there is help available and a community of people who care. We will be featuring some of our Contributors writings as well. 
Thank you.
Shelley Bosford Publisher